How to have a positive day everyday

1) sleep… Its so important.

2) fruit and vitamins to boost immune system.

3) I’m vegetarian but would never push it on any one but having one meat free day a week encourages more vegetables in your meal. Healthy body happy mind.

4) wrap up books to read at later date for whenever you want to gift yourself with one

5) meditation…. Even if its just 5 mins before bed when the house is quiet.

6) exercise, a walk, giving your kid a piggy back, or just walking faster to get somewhere is all exercise.

7) remembering the true meaning of Christmas and when it all gets to stressful remember it’s not about buying a trillion toys, its about memories and time spent. That’s all for now hope this helped someone.


Book Christmas advent

So I’m trying to opt away from chocolate for my son leading up to Xmas but I love the idea of wrapping up a book to open every night at bed time. we have been doing it not everyday but as much as we can. Whenever I’m out I’ll hunt round the charity shops and second hand book sales and stock up. It’s the joy of an early gift and not knowing what book is wrapped up in the shiny paper a win for any kid. If anyone else has any other advent ideas or feedback on my post as a newbie please comment.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without glitter x

So most of today was spent trying to find gold paint for our pinecones. Went to like 4 shops eventually given up and accepting that silver glitter was the only Christmas colour available today. Same thing happened Halloween like no orange or black paint left either. I think all crafty parents can relate to this lol. Anyhow pinecones were painted there is glitter everywhere and our clothes look like we’ve just been to a 90s disco. Memories are priceless tho so worth every bit of tidying after. Yesterdays activity was a lot less messy though, we made felt decorarions, which for a first attempt are pretty impressive. Not sure how I can top latest Christmas crafts but comment with ideas as I loving sharing tips.

Christmas things to do for kids (for Free or cheap)

Hi again. . . so I thought I’d put together a list of free things for you guys. I love saving money so hopefully this will help other people to. 1) garden centres, a visit to a garden centre at Christmas is just magical for kids. They go all out with decorations and there are plenty of Christmas trees to look at to.  2) Christmas light walk a lovely evening walk to look at every ones lights then home for hot chocolate. 3) Christmas movies (rented from the library for a bargain) and an evening of making snowflakes and lantern’s won’t go a miss with the kids. 4) Christmas parades – most towns do their own Christmas parades or fairs, it can be cheap if your conscious of spending at stalls. 5) a bit old fashioned but carol singing. 6) painting pine cones for the tree. 7) making gingerbread men or go to a local supermarket and you can get gingerbread men with decoration and icing ready to make and already cooked… Win when in a rush for time but want to plan a nice activity. I hope someone got some inspiration from. This comment if you did. Sorry I can’t put up pictures at the moment but watch this space.

Natural parent

Hi I’m new to this so excited to see what blogging is all about. I thought I’d share my way of life, I have recently been making my own gifts for my son for  Xmas, not just to save money but  also I want something my boy can keep forever. I’ve made a car mat which I will try post a picture of on here. I’ve also made a play box with playdough, dinosaurs, dogs, sticks and Stone’s. I believe if we give our children less expensive gifts and more memories they will treasure the more precious things in life. We love nature and my son loves just bird watching, its free, we get fresh air and exercise and learn in the process.